Saturday, March 13, 2010

Carribbean Cruise 2010

We're back! The past month has just been a blur as work has consumed us almost completely. But we did get a break and went on a week long cruise. A MUCH needed break. It sort of served as a combination cruise for my CMEs, Mark's birthday and our anniversary. Our first stop was San Juan, Puerto Rico. Which, if you remember, was a stop on our last cruise. While it really is beautiful, there's not much to do there because it's just simply a city in paradise.
When we toured the fort on our last trip, we could see a beautiful above ground cemetery in the distance with a lighthouse overlooking it right by the ocean. We vowed on our next trip there to walk over and see it. So we scampered off the boat and went on an up hill walk to the summit of the city to find it.After a bit of walking, we found it!! There's the lighthouse and the super cool cemetery. Apparently it was quite a tourist stop for lots of people.

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Lisanne said...

Wow! Sounds like a fantastic trip! We've never been on a cruise. How are you doing?