Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snow Fun!

Recently we got snowed in for a weekend. Which really, was quite fun. It started coming down right when we got back from Blockbuster--you can't be snowed in without movies! We made a caramel pie together and stayed up later than our bedtime Friday night. There was a huge blanket of snow the next morning, followed by some sleet. Now, this made the hill in front of our house that much better to sled down. We have the best hill in this section of the neighborhood so kids were coming from many streets over to sled.
I made some chicken enchiladas and took them next door to my neighbor who had just had her baby and held the baby for a while before the neighbors across the street came over with their baby for dinner. After dinner, and when the neighbors put their baby to bed, they called us and we all went out in front of our houses and sledded down the hill while it was dark....ya know, and nobody could tell it was a group of thirty somethings playing in it all. Ahem. And just so you know, they had the baby monitor with them.
The next morning, Mark had all he could stand with being housebound, so we took off on icy roads to Home Depot where looked at everything. in. the. store. Twice. I don't care to go back there for a while. We went back to the neighbors' house for dinner where they had a great tortellini/sausage/pea dish that I unsuccessfully tried to duplicate for dinner tonight.
-Bertolli tortellini (Hmm....I have some frozen tortellini. Not Bertolli, but Mama Geno's. )
-Applewood Smoked Sausage, cut in slices (I have Kielbasa sausage instead)
-Fresh Grated Parmesan Cheese (I used Grated Parmesan cheese)
-Frozen Peas (Yes! I have this exactly!)

Mix together and serve. Except mine tasted nothing like theirs. Ingredient substitution does not turn out well.

So, here's some photos of some kids sledding down the hill in front of our house. Taken form the inside of our warm house.

And then we got up and went to work the next day. The End.

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Lisanne said...

Oh man, that looks like SO much fun!!! What a great area for sledding! We have friends who used to go over to their neighbor's house for some adult conversation and a break, and they would take the baby monitor with them (because it would reach that far). It was a nice break for them from time to time! Are you getting any baby fever at all? hehe :)