Monday, March 22, 2010

Yawn.....Monday has rolled around again.

Coffee. How does anybody make it without coffee?! I have been in a blogging slump lately for a few reasons: my computer died, so I finally got a new laptop. A MAC!! And I LUV it! It's totally different from using a PC, but in a good way. The other reason is that I have just been doing so much overtime at work. They finally have hired more practitioners and now I will just work 30-35 hours a week, hopefully though the summer. I was getting a tad burned out. To where when a patient began telling me their symptoms/problems I just felt like putting my head down on the desk. Yeah, that's not a good thing. The vacation/cruise helped a little but I worked right up until the day we left and went right back the morning after we got back so spending lots of time traveling on both ends....heck, you need like a day to recooperate! And most of the week all Mark and I felt like doing was just trying to catch up on sleep! By Friday on the trip we looked at each other and said "I FINALLY feel rested".

So, I am off again this week (thankfully) and have GOT to get this house back in shape today. And guess what else? I promise to have a blog post up every. single. day. this week!

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Lisanne said...

I'm sorry you were feeling that way. Yeah, that's not good. :( I've given up all beverages except for water during Lent, and OMG ... I have been *craving* something else to drink! I am *so* tired of just water!