Monday, March 29, 2010

Big Apple Day 4

Mark didn't have class Friday so we slept in and then went for breakfast. See these things below? Several bakeries had these and I was just dying to try one. So, Mark and I each ate one for breakfast. Yum, yum. It was cinnamon and butter wrapped in a million layers of phylo dough. It crumbled and went everywhere, but was worth the mess. And the calories.Then I demanded that he go in the Toys R Us and see just how cool it was. NYC structures made out of Legos.
A giant Transformer. And many, many other things.
And then my one request, for lunch was that we eat at the Russian Tea Room. I'd heard celebrities mention eating there and such and wanted to try it.
Who orders this stuff??!! Not me!
It was, as Mark says, a "Fu-fu place". haha. I ordered some Russian Ravioli stuffed with seafood. I don't think I've ever had hand made from scratch ravioli. Oh, my goodness. It was so thin and delicious.
Carnegie Hall was next door.
And then we grabbed a cab and headed back to Laguardia where we sat for an hour out on the runway.
Just a note: Mark is the photographer of the family and since he would not relinquish the camera, most of the photos have me in them. So, in my defense: I tried to get the camera away and get more photos of him.

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