Friday, May 14, 2010

Cleocatra, our newest (and final) addition

Isn't she just a little fuzzy doll?!  She is absolutely precious.  But I needed to get her checked out as well as Miss Marble.  And Sprinkles was also due for his rabies shot and general check-up.  But no way was I about to haul three cats in carriers to the vet.  Nor was I about to make three separate trips.  So, we called the mobile vet.  The veterinarian comes to YOUR HOUSE.  Yes, it was wonderful.  I brought each one out to the bus to be checked and get their shots and have blood taken.  Sooo much easier.  Cleocatra is about 8 months old, in good health except that she needs to be spayed which we'll do within the next two weeks.  Sprinkles acted the worst of the three cats.  But he is looking good in all areas of health. (Thankfully!)  But the big surprise of the day was Miss Marble.  As it turns out, Miss Marble is a boy.  Guess he'll have to be Mr. Marble now.  He has a heart murmur grade 2/5.  We just need to watch it.  Not really sure what they'll do for it it he does become symptomatic though.

But overall, the mobile vet service is something that I HIGHLY recommend.  The vet was smart, nice, and great with the cats.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Nags Head, NC

After Manteo, we skipped over to Nags Head, NC.  The Outer Banks are very beautiful.  It ended up being in the 60's so it was a tad cool on Sunday.  We really did need a light jacket to be comfortable.  But boy is it beautiful there!  Ocracoke is my favorite, but that really would have required an overnight stay to not be so terribly rushed.  Maybe another time.
Jockey's ridge.  The largest Sand Dune on the Atlantic coast.  And of all things, there is a hang gliding school there.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Manteo, North Carolina

My "bestest friend" from Memphis came to visit me for four fabulous days!  Our first stop was Manteo, NC.  aka where Andy Griffith lives now.  Unfortunately we didn't run into him. But we did eat lunch at a really cool little restaurant called Full Moon Cafe in the harbor.  There was also a lighthouse involved.  That's always a plus for us!
We walked through the little town and down to the boardwalk.

Oh lala!  The lighthouse!
The cafe we ate at:
And some ship that's part of a kids place there