Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Fitness Challenge(d)

As part of my birthday gift (in addition to a great digital camera--have you noticed I've taken more photos lately?), I asked Mark for a membership to a gym. It is a more upscale gym with it's cleanliness, new equipment, large variety of classes, etc. There are only four or five of them in the Raleigh area and nowhere else. I figured if it were a nice gym, then I'd WANT to go there, right? Also, it was an absolute necessity that where I join have classes. I don't do so well going walking on a treadmill because I get bored and can just leave whenever I want. I figured that a class would force me to stay for the full 45 mins-1 hr.

So, I went. First to an abdominal toning class. I could only do about 10% of what everyone else was doing. Basically I laid there the majority of the time. It was kind of funny. I figured I should do some sit ups at home before I return to that class. That was HARD.

Next, I signed up for a spin class. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, it does not mean that you spin around in circles in the room for an hour. You are on a stationary bike with a group leader and they work you to the bones. They turn the lights out in the room so everybody except the instructor is in the dark and nobody has to get embarrassed about only being able to do a small fraction of the work out. A-hem. I did about 20% of what everyone else could do and left after 45 mins. Sitting on that little seat was not very comfortable either. But I did get a really good work out as I was completely drenched in sweat at the end. I figured maybe I need to ramp up my cardio on my own before returning to spin class.

So, I showed up the next day for Step class. The group looked more my age and also a few folks in their forties. I mean, how hard could it be. You have a step and you go up and down on it, right? Wrong. It was like some complex dance routine with a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader leading you while bouncing (yes, BOUNCING) up and down off of this step. I nearly fell off of the step numerous times and left the class well before it was over. If you are not fairly coordinated, you could seriously injure yourself in this class.

So, here I am. I'm slowly working my way through the classes at the gym, checking them off (as to not to return anytime soon) one by one. There are still more I am going to try. I just haven't done any serious exercising in quite some time and need to build up to it to be able to participate in these classes.

Today it hurts to even turn around or laugh. I am so sore in every part of my body. Especially where I sat on that hard, itty bitty seat on the bike.


Joymes said...

See- I so wish we lived in the same place- I would love to go to these classes with you! Bring your workout clothes to Sedona- we can hit the gym at the hotel a time or two :)

Shannon said...

try a yoga or pilates class... the ones I take have people all ages and sizes in it... and not everyone can do all the moves... you just do what you can do... but do you have an ipod or something like that? if you do load it up with an hours worth of hard core songs for working out too and 15 mins of cool down songs... and just ride a bike while listing to it and break a book and read...

but I would get padded shorts before going back to spin class... those seats suck!