Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Decorations

I wanted to document our Christmas decorations and new furniture for later printing of a scrapbook, so here are many photos of what we've done.

We decorated the outside very simply with one plain wreath hanging from a red ribbon on each of the front downstairs windows. Mark put a spotlight outside and it really looks good at night!
Our entry hall. Come on in!!!Living Room. We got a real tree again this year. A Fraser Fir. It sheds very litte. So far.The bannister decorated with live greens and real lemons. I was trying to be all Martha Stewart.A close up. Really, this takes longer than it looks like it would. I was quite surprised.I even strung fresh cranberries on top of the live greens for the mantle piece. I added some oranges, lemons, and pomegranates (sp?) to the mantle.Here's the sofa that I have just been having a stroke to get delivered. The velvet is incredibly SOFT. Awesome to lay on. I picked a different fabric when ordering the throw pillows though. So far I don't regret it and think that it ties into the chairs we got very nicely.And the chairs. They have little rollers on the front two feet of each chair. Also, nailhead trim. And guess what: they recline!!! And totally don't look like it!An antique piece that we bought to put the tv on. See the little stand on top with the cable box and DVD player under it? Mark MADE IT!! Yep. And it matches absolutely perfectly. Totally looks like it is supposed to be there.
The only gifts we've bought so far. Thank you Crabtree and Evelyn for running a 20% off sale!Our new breakfast set. SOLID WOOD TABLE that is so heavy I can hardly move it. There are two very large leaves that go in this that seat 8-10 comfortably. I don't think we'll ever use them though because they're entirely too big for the space!

And alas, all of the Christmas treats I have been hard at work on this weekend.


The Keel Gang said...

Everything looks absolutely beautiful & I love the fresh fruit look! I bet you are just thrilled to finally be settled in somewhere.

Johnna said...

I finally re-found your new blog. Your house looks awesome. I love the new sofa.

Shannon said...

wow love the look of everything for Christmas and the new furiture pieces...