Sunday, November 15, 2009

Train to Zurich

We got to ride one of those fast trains that run across Europe (and sometimes crash into each other. Ahem....) from Munich to Zurich, Switzerland. We had time to visit one other country and of course we chose Switzerland. Because we love chocolate so much. Not really, but we do think of chocolate when we hear Switzerland.
We had to get up super dooper early to get to the train station. Oh, and we took the lazy man's way of getting around and got a cab. Not cheap, but definitely worth it. And guess what?!! It wasn't an old beat up Caprice Classic like we always seem to get in the U.S. Nuh-uh. We got a fancy schmansy Mercedes! I know that's like a Ford here, but still! Oh, and we had time to grab some breakfast once we got to the train station. So, Mark and I picked out among the forty thousand different pasteries two of the best looking ones. The guy selling them to us didn't speak English so we couldn't ask what they were. But they were pretty! And shouldn't they taste just as good? Well, no. Actually they were kind of gross. I ate it anyway. But mine tasted like pureed black licorice smeared into the shaped of a cinnamon roll. Ick. I was starving and we'd found one of only a handfull of places to sit and I wasn't giving it up. Oh, which brings me to another point: seating. Many many places only have tables that you can stand at to eat. NO CHAIRS!
I was tired. Not much sleep the night before and the train will put you out rather quickly.
A quick view of Austria. We touched over into that country during the train ride.
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