Tuesday, November 17, 2009


By the time we arrived in Zurich, it was time for lunch. So we set out to find something. Their money is the swiss franc. It's about a 1:1 ratio with the US dollar. So it something was 10 swiss francs that meant that it was about 10 US dollars. Easy enough. Well, everything--the restaurants--seemed rather high so we wandered upon a McDonalds. We paid no attention to the prices because really, we're at McDonalds and when do you need to worry about something being expensive there? Well, imagine our surprise when we ordered a kid's meal for me (I was also shocked that it came with no toy, not that I wanted one) and a "Royale with cheese" aka a quarter pounder value meal, that the total came to over $19 US. Yeah. I ate every single french fry on my plate.
"Royal with cheese" Mark has wanted to order. ya know, because they did it in Pulp Fiction.
I thought I'd take a picture of the menu for you all. Can you see the prices? A filet of fish is over $9.
Want some Nike shoes? Even for the ugly ones you'll have to cough up over $200. The inflation here is unreal.
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