Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hotel Platzl, Munich Germany

We stayed in a really nice hotel in Munich's old town. The location couldn't be better since everyone seems to walk EVERYWHERE. No wonder I never saw a fat person! Some intersting things though, that I found were that you had to insert your room key card into something on the wall in the room in order to get the electricity to work. That way, when you left, you had to take your card and your electricity would be turned off. That's fine except that the laptop which was plugged in would be completely dead and drained of it's battery if we left the room for any extended period of time. That was kind of annoying. Also, there's no air conditioning. If you don't like the amount of heat that's coming into your room, you open the window. (Might I add this is a LUXURY hotel. I would truly hate to see what a budget hotel offered.) You also have to have converters to plug into the outlets here because your electronics won't fit into their outlets. And if they did, they would burn up because they put out twice the amount of electricity. Oh, and I'll try to post a photo later, but the king size beds are two twin mattresses pushed together with separate blankets and all. We LOVED it. There was no problem with the other person being a "cover hog".
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