Friday, November 13, 2009

Munich Open Air Market

Oh, a love of mine is open air markets. There was a fabulous one we'd visit in Boston back when we lived in New Hampshire. But one thing that I'd see on the travel channel, and never seemed to see in any market was a durian. A fruit popular in Asian countries. It was described to taste like custard but smell like rotting flesh. How do ya like that? Even that guy on the travel channel that eats cockroaches and worms couldn't eat durian. It made him sick. So, imagine my surprise when I couldn't smell this fruit at all! No idea why. Maybe it was frozen as that can sometimes contain the smell. There was a big sign that said "Do Not Touch!!!" in four different languages, so I definitely did not touch it.
This fruit: no idea what it is either. But it drew the attention of many cameras.
The marketplace had easily over 150 vendors:
And numerous meat shops....I thought the sausages on the chain were soooo cool! Now all I needed was a picture of a dog running away with one he stole. LOL
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