Saturday, October 18, 2008

Parents Visit

My parents are here for a visit while my mom is on fall break. We've had a good time. Mainly they've enjoyed spending time at our home and running errands with me. Today we went to Raleigh's Museum of Natural Science. It was really nice and an excellent place for kids. They had a lot of independent little stations set up by the EPA, Duke, NCSU, etc. for chemistry experiments and such. It was totally packed. And best of all....FREE!!!

Tomorrow we hope to go on the tour of homes here and get some decorating ideas for the house. My cousin, Jenna, who lives in Raleigh and teaches at a local private school is supposed to come over for dinner. I can't wait to see her! It's been soooo long.

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Shannon said...

ohhh gotta love free museums... there is a really nice one here in town that I would love to get a membership too once I start working at the gym... well after the new year... hehehe... but your parents are so cute.... hehehe... have fun with your cuz!