Friday, October 17, 2008

Appliance Review Part One: Bosch Dishwasher

I really enjoy reading other people's posts about things they buy or try and what they like and dislike about it, so I thought I'd give it a whirl as we're redoing a lot of stuff around the house.

Exhibit A: The Bosch dishwasher.
We've had this for about three weeks now, and there are definitely things that I like about it. For one, I like that it's buttons are concealed in the top where you can't see them unless you open the dishwasher. I also like the stainless outside and stainless interior tub. It has an adjustable rack in the top that can be moved to three different levels, which has allowed me to wash many things that were not possible in other dishwashers I have owned. It's also extremely quiet. This is a big plus since the kitchen opens into the family room somewhat.

But there are definitely features that I dislike about it too. For one, it does not have a built in food grinder. So, you have to clean the filter in the bottom out yourself. I have been checking after each load and it hasn't needed it so far. Another thing is that it doesn't clean nearly as well as my KitchenAid dishwasher did. Maybe I'm just not loading it right. Which leads me to another feature: the bottom rack. There are fewer horizontal and vertical bars in the bottom, so you can't stick a drinking glass in the bottom rack to wash if you needed to because it would fall right through. The other thing is that when it's done, it beeps. And beeps. And beeps. So, I can't turn it on before I go to bed-which I frequently do, unless I want an alarm clock going off about an hour later. There's no other way to check to see if the load is done unless you open the door and see the light that indicates that the cycle is complete.

We didn't go with KitchenAid again because the previous one that we owned which was practically silent, suddenly had this horribly loud grinding noise after a few months. The technician came out and couldn't find anything wrong. We also had been set to buy the Fisher and Paykel dishdrawers as it was supposed to save water, etc. But the reviews were not very good, so that went out the window. Bosch had gotten the best reviews. So, overall, I'm glad that we bought it and no dishwasher is going to be perfect.


Joymes said...

I think it is cute how you have called it Exhibit A!

Shannon said...

hehehe what a great review... I would love to upgrade out sink and dishwasher... I would like to have one of the draw dishwashers... because sometimes I don't always have full load... I want a new sink that is deeper and a garbage disposle as well... ugh... one day I will be able to do that once the stupid gym job opens!