Saturday, October 4, 2008


I found Miss Marble (left) in the storm drain when I went for a walk the other morning. Apparently she is there by her own choice. We think she was living in a storm drain where we used to live and maybe when she gets scared she goes back to what she knows: the drain. She stays right there everytime we go to look. She doesn't like staying in the house and has been keeping us up all night wanting to go outside. So when Mark got home yesterday he let her out. Now she won't come back in. I suppose if she gets hungry enough she will.
Also, the above is a chair and ottoman that we found a good deal on here. It's one of those that doesn' t look like it reclines, but it really does. We also finished painting the one green wall in the living room and will start on one of the guest bedrooms today. I'll post some photos of it all either tonight or tomorrow.

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Shannon said...

that is great your cat was found... I hope she decides to stay in soon for you sake lol... and love the chair...