Friday, December 4, 2009

So, this is 31.

Today I turned 31. It feels a whole lot like 21, really. I mean, where have the past few years gone? I had made a "life list" of things I wanted to accomplish by the time I was thirty. (insert a really big hearty laugh here.) Thirty was SO OLD just ten years ago. But now? Thirty is the new 20, right? I'm not bothering with making a life list of things to accomplish by the time I'm forty. If it's something I want to do, I figure I'll get to it. If I don't, then it must not have been something I really wanted to do too badly.
So, I'll be spending the day at work. Helping sick people be well again. I just hope somebody doesn't decide to give me the gift of illness.
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Christina said...

Happy birthday!

Joymes said...

Happy second anniversary of your 29th birthday!

Shonda said...

happy birthday beautiful woman!!!! :O) Thirty isn't near as old when you are 35 like me, lol.

Lisanne said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You deserve such a wonderful birthday. Hey, I'm 34 ~ so you are just a youngin'! :)