Sunday, December 20, 2009

The kitchen is almost done

All that we lack is a range hood being built above the stove and Mark is going to do that sometime after Christmas. Right now I am just enjoying the construction being done. I have to say, the kitchen is definitely my favorite part of the house. There's lots of room and plenty of windows to let in light (in the breakfast nook).

The custom island we ordered arrived and it's just wonderful!! Notice that it houses the microwave.

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Shonda said...

Girl, that looks WONDERFUL!! Im coming over for supper tomorrow night to see it in person! ;O) Let me know what kind of cookies you made...Im doing that tomorrow!

Arika said...

It looks AMAZING! You're lucky to have such a handy husband. :)

Rita said...

WOW! That is gorgeous!

Love that the island is painted black.

Lisanne said...

Very pretty kitchen! You will have to bend over to put things in the microwave, LOL! :) That island is really gorgeous. What a beautiful home you have!