Sunday, December 13, 2009

Weekend Recap

This weekend was really busy. Saturday morning started with a two hour breakfast meeting for me at Panera. Was buzzing from two huge cups of coffee by the time I left. Then I came home so we could run a thousand errands. Mark finished up kitchen renovations (almost) and I cleaned and cleaned and then got ready for dinner guests Saturday night. We had over one of my coworkers and her husband.
Today (Sunday) we drove to Chapel Hill to the Siena Hotel restaurant for Mark's firm brunch. Man, the food was GOOD. I ate entirely too much. The entertainment was the UNC Clef Hangers. All I can say is WOW. Here's a link to them on's not from our brunch although Mark and I both videoed a little from our iPhones. And they did sing this very song. Let me mention that they make their own sounds. No instruments or additional music added. Completely A Capella.
Afterwards, we went by Sears to pick up the deep freeze we ordered a while back. I am so incredibly excited about getting this freezer. You certainly know you're an adult when you're thrilled about not only an appliance, but a boring appliance: a garage freezer. I love our refrigerator, it's the kind with the fridge on top and the freezer on the bottom. But it's just lacking a lot of freezer space that I felt like I had in our side by side fridge. So, I needed the extra space.
Then back to dinner preparation we went. We were having our neighbors over. We really have such great neighbors, lots of them. Mitch and Katie came with their 10 month old son Simon who has really become a whole lot of fun now. And he LOVES our cat, Sprinkles. We had a fantastic dinner with them.
Now we're just sitting here watching the movie "License to Wed" and trying to catch up on blogging. We have such an incredibly busy week ahead of us with a dinner party to host on Saturday night.

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