Sunday, September 28, 2008

New Master Bedroom Color

This is our new master bedroom color. It's very different from what I picked out, but I do like it. It gives a nice contrast to the white window trim and white vaulted ceiling.
In other things, my cat Miss Marble, has possibly run away. She went outside this morning and hasn't been seen since. I am very worried about her as she is declawed. I'm going to keep an eye on the animal shelter website for her.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

We're Here!!

Well, we made it to Raleigh safe and sound. We had to get up at 5 a.m. to give the cats their sedatives and wrangle them into their carriers. The movers were to arrive at noon and it's a 4:15 hr drive from D.C., so we had to get moving quickly. We got everything moved in by mid afternoon and as you can see from the above photo, it looked like a bomb went off. I have no idea what that is on the right side of my chest. Orbs, maybe? A haunted kitchen? Hmmm....
As far as the cats go: Sprinkles has adjusted so incredibly well. And he's done a great job of staying in the yard too, until we get him to the vet. He is loving this house and it's yard and deck. He has so much more room here. He thinks he's died and gone to cat heaven.
As for the other cat, Miss Marble: well, she thinks she's died and gone to hell. She spent the first two days under our bed and wouldn't come out to eat or go potty. Finally today, she came out and I have kept our bedroom door shut forcing her to be social and also get the feel of the house. I don't feel good about letting her out just yet though.
But both cats are LOVING the balcony (walkway thing) over the living room. They sit and watch everything! It's really funny.
We've met a few more of our neighbors. They seem very nice. Two of the ladies that live on the street brought us dinner and breakfast from Fresh Market while we were in total chaos with the kitchen. Then a couple two houses down came by to introduce themselves and invited us to church. Then we met a couple across the street, they are expecting their first child. Then the couple next door brought over some delicious brownies too.
Mark mowed the lawn this afternoon and we have made trips to Lowe's and Target to get numerous odds and ends. Our new fridge is being delivered tomorrow.
Mark is watching the football game and I think I am gonna catch up on last week's episode of Army Wives.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Aur Revoir, D.C.!!!

This was supposed to have been posted last night:

At least I think that's how you spell goodbye in French. Not that France has anything to do with D.C. Or us. Or anything at all. Okay, I was at a loss for a title.

The movers have packed us and left and we have only our blow up beds for the night here. We'll leave first thing in the morning to drive down to Raleigh. The movers are supposed to come either Friday or Saturday which is the quickest we've ever gotten our things from a move. When we moved to New Hampshire it took three weeks to get our stuff!! The cats......yes, I dread the drive down with them. Sprinkles whines and cries whenever he gets in a car. Miss Marble, though, I have no idea how she'll do since we haven't driven her yet.
I am going to miss our friends here. It hit me last night that we really WERE moving (again). Yesterday morning I got a call from a coworker/friend who wanted to take me to lunch which was so awesome! And then another colleague drove all the way over to visit with me before I left. I have also gotten some very nice phone calls from those who couldn't stop by before I left.
To summarize our 1.5 year stent here:

Things I will miss:
-My friends, colleagues and work
-All of the free museums
-The variety of restaurants
-Our Church
-Great shopping

Things I will NOT miss:
-Rude, self centered drivers
-My dentist (and the unethical behavior of the practice)
-Getting a million dents in my new car and the hit and run activity
-Horrible traffic
-Outrageous cost of living
-The ivory tower view on how the rest of the U.S. really lives

I also want to send out a Congratulations to Christy and her family on their new baby girl!! There's a link to their blog on the right called "Blessed".

Saturday, September 20, 2008


We headed to Pennsylvania, right outside of Philadelphia today to meet our friends' new baby, Reed. He is so adorable and such a good baby! He has a head full of hair and the cutest expressions. Joy (the mom) looks fantastic--you would never know she just had a baby! We went out to lunch for, of course, a cheese steak sandwich with yummy onions, mushrooms and sweet peppers. It was the best we've had. Then we took a little trip down to a local orchard/farm stand. We picked up a quart of plums and some apple cider. We had such a good time and it was so great to get to see them.

Friday, September 19, 2008

One week left in D.C.

I ordered some foie gras last night because my curiosity had just risen to an all time high as to what exactly it tasted like. I knew what it was which is why I haven't tried it before. Do you know? Go ahead, google it. I'll wait.


Are you grossed out? It just melted in my mouth to the point I felt a little sick about it. One bite was enough.

Anyway, the closing went really well and we're all set to move next week. The movers come on Wednesday which is my last day of work, so Mark is taking off to oversee it all. They are packing us so that's one less stress we have. We met some of our neighbors and they seem very nice. The lady across the street is getting our mail for us until we get there the end of next week. The cable guy came and for the first time we're getting something besides basic cable. Mark sent me an email yesterday that said "HDTV ROCKS!!!" I just laughed. He has been in Raleigh all week and comes home tonight. He got our hideous master bedroom walls painted what I thought was a grayish color, but turns out that it's more of a brown. He said "Uhm, what exactly did you think you had picked out?" Apparently it looks NOTHING like what I picked out which was a color by Valspar called London Coach. Can't wait to see it. But after all, it is just paint and can be changed if necessary. But it will have to move down the list of things to do.

One of the neighbor's 10 year old daughter (who apparently has no problem with speaking to strangers) came over while Mark was working in the yard and said "Are you going to be our new neighbors?" Mark said "Yes" and the little girl said "Well, the lady who lived here before said you BETTER take care of her roses!" hahaha.

I really have some fantastic friends here. I am sad to leave them. They have done some really awesome things for me from the dinner party and gifts, to taking me for coffee, nice cards, and dinner at an upscale French restaurant. I should leave more often!!! Just kidding.

We're heading to Philadelphia tomorrow to see some friends of ours from Memphis who are visiting parents for the week. They have a new son who we will get to meet. We're excited to see them and the new baby! I'll make sure to take photos and post them when we get back.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Going Away Party

I had an awesome going away party tonight at my friend and coworker Adele's house. Above is a photo of two of my coworkers/friends Anne and Adele. My manager and friend (the other Anne) had just left when I remembered that I brought my camera!!! Why does that always happen?? You remember it as soon as someone leaves! I am sad that she didn't get to be in the photo also. Spouses were there also, but didn't get in the photo.
We had a very excellent dinner with appetizers of hummus, spinach dip, and chips and kabobs, rice, and asparagus, and a home made cheesecake.

We had an excellent time with great conversation and even some fantastic surprise gifts that were MUCH appreciated!!
I am going to miss these people. They have an open invitation to come and visit in NC anytime!! (as well as all of you!)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

You Found Us!!!


This is the site on which we will be writing now. You won't have to log into this one like you did on so that's a plus!

I'll be back and writing again soon!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Friday is the big day!

We close on our house on Friday. We're leaving here early Thursday morning because we have to meet with the sellers (per their request) so that they can "show us things" about the house. It is a very nice thing to do, but I've honestly never heard of it being done before. We'll close at 1 p.m. on Friday and then I have to at some point meet with one of the physicians in my group so we can sign some papers together. That may happen on Saturday morning before we come back home. I have to be back on Saturday afternoon for my going away party given to me by a coworker. I promise to take photos!!My husband is going to stay down in Raleigh all next week and work there so he can come home and start on some of the renovations. I promise to take lots of photos and blog often about this. Lots of before and after shots! I am so excited!! Things have been kind of busy, yet not anything entertaining enough to write about. We did get those downpours from Hanna come through on Saturday.

Also, our next door neighbors came over for dinner Saturday night and they also seem to be the only other couple besides me and Mark that are our age and have no children. In fact, I'm the last of my close group of friends! We'll have to see what we can do about that. :) We had fun with the Becks. They taught us a new game called Euchre. It's a midwestern card game that I'd never heard of. I looked and looked for my Phase 10 cards, but couldn't find them anywhere.