Thursday, September 25, 2008

Aur Revoir, D.C.!!!

This was supposed to have been posted last night:

At least I think that's how you spell goodbye in French. Not that France has anything to do with D.C. Or us. Or anything at all. Okay, I was at a loss for a title.

The movers have packed us and left and we have only our blow up beds for the night here. We'll leave first thing in the morning to drive down to Raleigh. The movers are supposed to come either Friday or Saturday which is the quickest we've ever gotten our things from a move. When we moved to New Hampshire it took three weeks to get our stuff!! The cats......yes, I dread the drive down with them. Sprinkles whines and cries whenever he gets in a car. Miss Marble, though, I have no idea how she'll do since we haven't driven her yet.
I am going to miss our friends here. It hit me last night that we really WERE moving (again). Yesterday morning I got a call from a coworker/friend who wanted to take me to lunch which was so awesome! And then another colleague drove all the way over to visit with me before I left. I have also gotten some very nice phone calls from those who couldn't stop by before I left.
To summarize our 1.5 year stent here:

Things I will miss:
-My friends, colleagues and work
-All of the free museums
-The variety of restaurants
-Our Church
-Great shopping

Things I will NOT miss:
-Rude, self centered drivers
-My dentist (and the unethical behavior of the practice)
-Getting a million dents in my new car and the hit and run activity
-Horrible traffic
-Outrageous cost of living
-The ivory tower view on how the rest of the U.S. really lives

I also want to send out a Congratulations to Christy and her family on their new baby girl!! There's a link to their blog on the right called "Blessed".

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The Keel Gang said...

Good Luck & I hope you have the best time on your new adventure!!!