Saturday, September 13, 2008

Going Away Party

I had an awesome going away party tonight at my friend and coworker Adele's house. Above is a photo of two of my coworkers/friends Anne and Adele. My manager and friend (the other Anne) had just left when I remembered that I brought my camera!!! Why does that always happen?? You remember it as soon as someone leaves! I am sad that she didn't get to be in the photo also. Spouses were there also, but didn't get in the photo.
We had a very excellent dinner with appetizers of hummus, spinach dip, and chips and kabobs, rice, and asparagus, and a home made cheesecake.

We had an excellent time with great conversation and even some fantastic surprise gifts that were MUCH appreciated!!
I am going to miss these people. They have an open invitation to come and visit in NC anytime!! (as well as all of you!)

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Lisanne said...

I am *so* glad that you now have a blog that you don't have to log into. hehe :) I liked your other one, but being *so* busy I just really didn't have the time to log in (and couldn't remember my password sometimes). I promise that I'll be visiting your site *way* more often now! How cool about the going away party. And gifts, too? Rock on!