Friday, September 19, 2008

One week left in D.C.

I ordered some foie gras last night because my curiosity had just risen to an all time high as to what exactly it tasted like. I knew what it was which is why I haven't tried it before. Do you know? Go ahead, google it. I'll wait.


Are you grossed out? It just melted in my mouth to the point I felt a little sick about it. One bite was enough.

Anyway, the closing went really well and we're all set to move next week. The movers come on Wednesday which is my last day of work, so Mark is taking off to oversee it all. They are packing us so that's one less stress we have. We met some of our neighbors and they seem very nice. The lady across the street is getting our mail for us until we get there the end of next week. The cable guy came and for the first time we're getting something besides basic cable. Mark sent me an email yesterday that said "HDTV ROCKS!!!" I just laughed. He has been in Raleigh all week and comes home tonight. He got our hideous master bedroom walls painted what I thought was a grayish color, but turns out that it's more of a brown. He said "Uhm, what exactly did you think you had picked out?" Apparently it looks NOTHING like what I picked out which was a color by Valspar called London Coach. Can't wait to see it. But after all, it is just paint and can be changed if necessary. But it will have to move down the list of things to do.

One of the neighbor's 10 year old daughter (who apparently has no problem with speaking to strangers) came over while Mark was working in the yard and said "Are you going to be our new neighbors?" Mark said "Yes" and the little girl said "Well, the lady who lived here before said you BETTER take care of her roses!" hahaha.

I really have some fantastic friends here. I am sad to leave them. They have done some really awesome things for me from the dinner party and gifts, to taking me for coffee, nice cards, and dinner at an upscale French restaurant. I should leave more often!!! Just kidding.

We're heading to Philadelphia tomorrow to see some friends of ours from Memphis who are visiting parents for the week. They have a new son who we will get to meet. We're excited to see them and the new baby! I'll make sure to take photos and post them when we get back.


Lisanne said...

That is TOO funny about the roses. How neat that you'll have roses! Aren't they hard to take care of? Sounds like you have some nice neighbors already. I can't believe that it's time for you to move. So excited for you!!!

Shannon said...

oh yeah HDTV does rock... just wait to watch football games... you can see the blades of grass go up into the air and everything... and some tv people need MORE MAKEUP!

and didn't you know what that nasty stuff was before you tried it... ugh gross!