Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cleveland (Day 2) Pro Football Hall of Fame

The second day we woke up after sleeping about 10 hours! We were totally worn out. We went downstairs to eat breakfast at the hotel and then off we went. First we simply could not miss seeing the stadium where the Cleveland Browns play.Or the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame:And then we drove about an hour south to Canton, OH to see the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Mark was very excited. I'll admit I wasn't that excited, but I thorougly enjoyed it as it was incredibly interesting.Here's the Lombardi trophy. Woo-hoo!Me looking at the replicas of the heads of people in the Hall of Fame:Some plays from I forgot whose play book:So excited to see the Titans helmet that the vein in my neck is about to pop out:The Rotunda where the tour began:
What a fun day! It was a quick weekend but so glad we went.

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Jessica said...

I'm stuck on the 10 hours of sleep. Can I trade days with you for a bit?!? :) The trip looks nice, too. :)