Sunday, September 20, 2009

Renovation Station

We have been giving our home quite a face lift. Right now we're doing probably the biggest renovation so far: replacing the carpet and linoleum with hardwood floors. We really should have done this when we first moved in, we are realizing now. We have to move everything out of the kitchen (yes, this includes the refrigerator and stove), the toilet, breakfast suit, living room suit, formal dining suit, all curtains, pictures and such. Almost everything is being stored in the study which also is being a makeshift kitchen at the moment. The toilet and stove are living on the deck until we get a listing on Craigslist for "free to you if you come and haul it away" ad. Additionally, on a whim I decided that I didn't like nor use the kitchen desk and wanted to replace the area with something more functional, so Mark ripped it out. Hate to waste the granite from the top, but maybe I can think of something else to do with it.I also realized that I didn't like the kitchen island because it was placed weird and wasn't as big as I wanted it. So, Mark ripped that out too. And we found a custom island builder on the internet and ordered one from there. Seems as though it will take forever to get it, but I'm getting what I want at least.The entry hall and formal dining room (neither in any of these pictures) already has hardwood flooring. And while I'd like the stain to be just a tad darker than it already is, I'm sticking to the original color because it's the color of the bannister and I'm not ripping that out and re-doing it too.
Stay tuned for more renovation updates!


Jessica said...

Wow, what a great renovation! I can't wait to see hte finished photos. I'm a little jealous. :) Man, you take great vacation, get renovations...nice! You totally deserve it with your hard work!

Shonda said...

Holy Hardwood batman! What a JOB! I can't wait to see the "after" pictures!!!!

Johnna said...

Oh my goodness! You're doing the heavy duty stuff now!!!