Sunday, July 5, 2009

Goodbye, Old White

Recently we got rid of the car that had been through it all with us from the day we met: Old White.
Old White was 17 years old. Old enough to have applied for a driver's license and driven itself. Mark did replace it with something much newer and more reliable. We ended up donating the car to a not for profit place that takes in cats. I actually CRIED for a few minutes when the man came and hauled it away.


Arika said...

Is this the same one you had all through High School? I SOOOOO remember that car! :)

Our Life As We Live It said...

Yes!!! It is the SAME car!!! Sooo many memories. That's why we hadn't gotten rid of it before now. We'd just do whatever to keep it going. Finally, it was enough. It had to be put to rest.

Liggett said...

Wow, I remember that car as well. Don't feel bad - we traded in a car of Tori's a few years ago and she cried as we pulled out of the dealership parking lot in our new vehicle.