Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fargo North Dakota and Detroit Lakes

What a great trip we had to the midwest. But it was a MESS to get there. Mark flew up a couple of days before me on business and then I was supposed to fly to meet him in Omaha. Well, I got out of Raleigh on time, only to fly into Memphis where I was going to make my connection and there was bad weather. I really think that my plane got struck by lightning during our descent too. I got there and my flight to Omaha had been cancelled. Great. So, I proceeded where they told me that the next available flight to Omaha was at 3 p.m. So, I went to the gate to verify that's where I was supposed to be. I was being routed through Houston, TX first. The ticket agent told me that my flight to Houston had been delayed and that I would not make my connection to Omaha there. So, she put me on a flight to Minneapolis and then to Fargo, North Dakota. She even bumped me to first class! That was very nice. But I would have much rather never have been delayed. I flew on four different planes to four different cities that day. I was tired and irritable by that evening. Just ask Mark! But after some sleep and a great meal at a 1920s themed Italian restaurant, I was good as new! This photo was at a train station in Fargo, North Dakota.Below is the Red River in Fargo, ND. Remember how it made the news with all of the flooding earlier this year? Here's some neat trivia: it's the only river in North America that flows north!!Then we headed to Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. There were some very neat downtown shops. We ate lunch at an old timey diner that had a real soda fountain.Here's a gift shop that we got some postcards at that made an old boat into a centerpiece in the shop and the check out counter. Cool, huh?
We have so many photos that we're breaking each stopping point along the trip up into a different post.

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