Wednesday, April 29, 2009

As seen on TV

Occasionally I get an itch to try one of those crazy things advertised on television. So, I totally bought into it and got a 'TOPSY TURVY". You know, the thing where the tomato plant grows upside down and is supposed to produce masses of lush, unbruised tomatoes. I'll let you know how it turns out. But I will say that I also bought the Aqua Globes. Remember those? And they totally work! But I have to draw the line somewhere: NO SNUGGIES or SHAMWOWS!!!!Here's a pic of the front of the house and half of the front yard. I can't get everything in the picture but wanted you to see how nice the grass looks and the bazillion rose bushes in the front that are blooming beautifully. And next up is my experimental herb garden in containers. I am giving this a real try as the rosemary in the yard is doing really well. I also planted some sweet basil and cilantro in the ground.Here in the containers are lemon balm, thyme, and dill. The dill seems to be quite fragile and really gets lethargic and flaccid when it's the slightest bit dehydrated. It may be "touch and go" with this one.
I'm expecting big things from these little plants!


Joymes said...

Oh my gosh- you bought Aqua globes? I can't wait to see them. Now Mark should have no guilt about buying his Snuggie.

Arika said...

I'm curious as to how the "topsy turvy" does! I have been fascinated by it (as with many of those "as seen on tv items") which I always resist the urge to buy thinking they can't be as good as they seem. Let me know how it turns out! :)