Saturday, April 25, 2009

April Dinner Club

Tonight we went to Cary to have dinner at the Revels' home. A new half million dollar home that they moved into just in February. They decorate mostly like us, in a very minimalist fashion. One of the guests insulted the hostess by saying "I bet you can't wait to decorate this house!" which was ALREADY decorated.Another woman recommended to her husband that she and her husband should put "some of that stuff under their kitchen cabinets too" and his reply was "Oh, yeah, that's just bricks" It was beautiful travertine tile that they were referring to.Another woman asked if she planned to decorate her kitchen with red, green and beige based on the colors in her kitchen towel. The towel she was making reference to was from a well known kitchen store that uses those signature colors in most of their towels. And her kitchen will stay the color she already has it.Then while we were talking about cosmetic surgery I stated that I wanted to get my eyes done because I was so very tired of getting comments about having Asian heritage. And that's fine, except that I DON'T have any Asian heritage. I was expecting my friends to respond with "What? You don't look Asian at all! Those people are nuts! You don't need surgery!" Instead, they both looked at me quizically like "You don't?"

I host the dinner club at the end of next month. I can't wait.

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Johnna said...

Hilarious post!!! Haha. Classic foot in the mouth! Yes, I bet you can't wait to have that group over. You look beautiful. Honest, I've never considered that you had any Asian in you. Still, you've gotta do what makes you comfortable. I'm currently begging to get these boobs moved back onto my chest.