Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Top Ten

A while back, Maria posted on her blog her "Top Ten" favorite things around the house. I thought it was neat, so I'd participate too! (people and pets excluded). So, here goes:

We'll start with the dishwasher. Anyone who knows me well knows that I am a fanatic about having a really good dishwasher. It was the first appliance replaced when we bought the house.
Next, are the front load washer and dryer. I will admit that I really didn't have any huge desire to switch to front load. But now? I seriously LOVE these things. They are so incredibly quiet and use tiny amounts of water. I really think they'll pay themselves back! The candlesticks are a sentimental gift....and one of my favorite gifts ever. My mom gave them to me on my 30th birthday passed down from my great-great-grandmother.
A new "love" in the department of candles. Gold Canyon candles are even better than Yankee candles. Light one candle and the smell infuses thoughout your entire house! (I know someone who sells them, so if you want to order let me know.)

My favorite piece of furniture happens to be a rather simple one: the bachelor's chests in our bedroom. We found a pair of them in an antique store in Maryland back last summer. They're much bigger than regular nightstands and can hold more stuff too!
My down comforter. Something so light and so warm.
My reusable grocery bag. It holds more than regular bags, is more comfortable to carry, and is good for the environment!
The French Press......It is the best invention ever. It makes the coffee stronger than a regular drip coffeemaker.
A gift from my parents, this soap, shampoo, conditioner dispenser is awesome! It makes things neater in the shower and seriously, I use less of each now!
Henckles paring knife. It's been my favorite knife since we got married. I hate to cut veggies with anything else.

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Jodi said...

Clicked over from Notes from the Trenches b/c I saw you live in Raleigh. I'm just south of you.

I have that exact washer/dryer. The Nexxt 500, right? So far the only thing that bothers me -- and it drives me CRAZY -- is that if I have to wash something big, like a comforter, I have to absolutely cram the washer with jeans or it won't spin. And I really, really wish there was a "spin only" option.