Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Hair Do

I finally got brave and went pretty short with my hair.  I had envisioned an even shorter stack in the back, but was a little nervous to do it this time and told my stylist that I'd do it next time (maybe).  I love Whitney at Salon Blu here in Raleigh.  She totally rocks!!  

So, Friday was a pretty busy day.  I had a routine check up with my NP that morning, then errands after that.  Followed by a lunch meeting with my collaborating physician and then a hair appt.  Then, ran home to make dinner for Mark before getting dressed and heading out to meet two girlfriends for dinner at Nantucket Grill.  We are so sad that our friends Will and Karen will be moving to Cincinnati this fall.  Will took a fantastic promotion within his engineering firm and we are so happy for them.  We certainly plan to visit!

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Shonda said...

Love the short hair! I would do the are beautiful enough to pull it off. I wouldn't say that to just anyone. I know I can't...that's why I still have 80's hair! haha!