Saturday, July 17, 2010

June Dinner Club

We hosted dinner club in June and I just haven't posted pictures.  So, here ya go.  Mark and Randy talking.  Oh, and those red curtains with the monkeys on them did end up looking good in my kitchen!  You can see them in the pic below.  I think they add some much needed "punch" to the black, cream and gray room.
Everyone had a really good time.  We served pork tenderloin, and chicken rotel casserole.  I was so surprised that the chicken rotel was such a hit.  And the yummy chocolate bread pudding with ice cream or yogurt for dessert. 

Three members were absent, but we added a new couple to the group.  Susanne above in the pink shirt to the left and her husband John.
Dinner club for July was on July 3rd and I just simply forgot to take pictures.  I know, this nonsense has got to stop!!

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