Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A friend comes to visit

Our friend Joy from Memphis came for a weekend visit recently and it was so good to see her! The visit was entirely too short, but we did manage to show her a thing or two in the area. Sunday we went to visit a little island off the coast of North Carolina called Bald Head Island. No cars allowed! They use golf carts and bicycles to get around there. Here we're waiting on the ferry to take us to the island:A picture of Bald Head lighthouse.....And we climbed it!!At the base of the lighthouse. Wooden steps and MANY of them!There is a size limit on who can get up to the top of the light, obviously:Beautiful view from the top of the lighthouse:Photo op at the top:Checking out the beach on Oak Island:A second lighthouse, Oak Island Lighthouse

There was a storm coming so we had to head back to the car pretty quickly.

Come back soon Joy!!!!


Lisanne said...

I wish that I could come visit you sometime!!!

Our Life As We Live It said...

Come anytime!! :)