Thursday, January 15, 2009

mam, your passport has expired.

Ever since I got married I have been meaning to update my passport with my married name. But I just never seemed to get around to doing it. So, I'd drag along my birth certificate in case they needed proof of the difference in name.

Well, I got a little push to change it now. Mark and I booked a trip to the southern Carribbean for March. And they recently changed the "rules" that now you must have a passport for the Carribbean, whereas previously it was unnecessary. Paid all of my fees, airfare, etc. And then thought, "ya know, I think I booked all of that in my MARRIED name and my passport is in my MAIDEN name." Well, I got my passport out and it doesn't matter anyway because it has EXPIRED. Awesome. Now I have to fill out a form and get it expedited to make sure that it's here before we leave.

Never put off today, what you can do tomorrow. My reversed motto has gotten me in this mess!

In other news, Sprinkles (the cat) made a visit to a new vet last week and he is doing very well! He got a shot of antibiotic, a shot of steroid, and his updated rabies vaccine. He is more playful, doesn't sleep all day, and is more tolerant of the other cat, Miss Marble. But I think since he's been awake more, he has become bored. He follows me around during the day room to room, and just sits and watches me. It's been too cold for him to stay outside long. Supposed to get even colder this weekend!

The bad news is that Sprinkles may have some cancer on his nose. Squamous cell carcinoma, to be exact. I thought it was just some dirt he had nosed around in, but the vet thinks otherwise. We'll have to schedule him for a biopsy later. I want to make sure his throat gets completely cleared up before I put him through something painful like that.


Shannon said...

wow... your poor kitty... I hope that it isn't cancer...

But too funny on your passport... I hope you get it in time...

MHWana said...

I think one of the places you can go to get your passport same-day is . . . . CHICAGO!!! So if things get down to the wire, you'll just have to come see us :)

Love the blog. Totally stalking your life right now.