Monday, August 15, 2011

Mr. Sprinkles (March 7, 2003 - August 14, 2011)

We are very sad to report that our oldest cat, Mr. Sprinkles, has passed on to pet heaven.  He lost a short battle with renal failure last night.  He touched many lives along the way and has stuck by our side no matter what happened in our daily lives.  For those of you that never met him, he was a stray cat that wandered up to our home in mid-town Memphis in February, 2006.  At that time, he was very ill and was suffering from FIV.  Despite our best attempts at experimental treatments, we were forced to have all of his teeth pulled in Baltimore, MD in 2007 to preserve his immune system.  Since then, he has led an adventurous and happy life along side his best friend, Ms. Marble.  Over the past two weeks, his appetite had suddenly declined and yesterday morning his body gave up due to renal failure.  We are happy his ending was short and that he did not suffer.  He deserved to exit this life with dignity.  He will be sorely missed by everyone that had the honor of knowing him.


Lisanne said...

I am *so* sorry. That is a wonderful photo of the two of you. What a beautiful cat. My parents are still grieving the loss of their kitty ... my mom had a breakdown the other day when she saw the "doormat" for her litter box.

Rita said...

Oh my. I am so very sorry.

Poor sweet kitty.