Saturday, March 12, 2011

Giving it up.....(or at least backing off)

Well, I'm not Catholic, but since I'm hearing my Catholic friends "giving something up for Lent" maybe I will too (sort of).  I have an addiction:  coffee.  And I don't mean a little addiction.  I drink two large cups full every morning, which probably equals about four regular cups.  And what do I like in it?  LOTS of cream and splenda.  So, by the time I drink all of that I have probably had the calories equivalent to a piece of cheesecake.  Even writing this out makes me realize that I need to back off.

So!  For the next 5 weeks, until Easter, I am limiting myself to a total of five cups of coffee.  That's one cup per week.  Wow.  I hope I don't have withdrawal headaches coming off of the caffeine.

Are any of you TOTALLY addicted to coffee too?

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Shonda said...

Oh honey! Coffee?? REALLY? Couldn't you give up celery or squash or something? COFFEE? lol Just kidding...Im with ya sister! Sending "back of the coffee bean" vibes to ya! Glad the Baptist do not partake in this particular thing. I would be a very very grouchy girl...haha.