Friday, November 12, 2010

Garage (Man Cave) Transformation Begins

The garage is our latest demolition area.  After two years as serving as a disorganized yet functional base camp for interior woodworking/remodeling projects, it was high time the garage got its turn at a manly makeover.  Code in NC only requires the walls that correspond to an interior room to have insulation and drywall.  This had to change - bare studs are not appealing and the garage was freezing in the winter.  The result was a bonus room above the garage with uncontrollable temps and a cold place for woodworking.

The first step was insulation...and alot of it.  R13 in between the wall studs and R19 in the attic/ceiling.  This alone has already made a big difference in temps in the bonus room and garage.

The next step was to hang drywall.  As usual, I'm a one-man show on my remodeling projects so I've spent two solid weekends cutting, hanging, and mudding floor to ceiling.  The drywall is 5/8" fire rated so it is super heavy - taking about 1400 lbs of drywall for this project alone.  Below are some pics of the progression.

Drywall is but the first step here...epoxy flooring, base moldings, decorative paint design, new lighting, insulated garage doors, etc. all to come on this big project.  The ultimate goal is to have a clean, crisp, organized space for the cars that will also double as a woodworking area...not to mention an extra place to hang out and watch the game.  

Pretty much buttoned up at this point...installed new electrical outlets in anticipation of under-shelf lighting over my workbench...and hopefully a flat-panel television at the top outlet for a man-cave touch.

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