Friday, August 13, 2010

Skagway, Alaska

Just chillin' out with a cup of coffee after breakfast.  We were in Skagway on Wednesday.  It also is a fairly isolate little town, but I believe it's one that you can drive to at least.  It has about 2400 residents in the summer and then after tourist season is over, it goes down to 400 residents.  One tiny little IGA grocery store that is absolutely OUTRAGEOUS in its prices (ask me how I know this---I needed some Crystal Light at $6 and Bottled water at $2.90 each!) 

We did book an excursion here on the train that took us through the old gold mining country and up into the Yukon territory (or is it a province?) of Canada....a place I never thought I'd get to go.

But while in Skagway, I couldn't not shop and go to the Sarah Palin store! 

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