Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Where have I been?

In pain. That's where. I had my second laser eye surgery last Thursday morning. My first surgery gave me 20/20 vision in my right eye, but I had 20/60 vision in my left eye. So, it was still not very sharp and the astigmatism was not corrected either. Thankfully when I purchased the package I got the one that allows me to have free "touch ups" for a lifetime. My left eye unfortunately doesn't have enough tissue to have a third touch up though. But that's fine.

I can truly say that laser eye surgery has changed my life. Prior to this, my eyes were so bad that I had to hold a big alarm clock with huge numbers smack up to my face to even make out the numbers. I was really really blind.

I had PRK done, which gives you the same results as Lasik does but is typically reserved for those who don't have a whole lot of corneal tissue and you can't cut a flap for lasik. So instead, they SCRAPE the cornea off and then laser it. Sheesh, it hurts. BAD. I can't even describe it. And narcotics don't even help. Seriously. I tried them the first time around and didn't even ask for any the second time because they just made me nauseated. So, I took tons of Ibuprofen and Tylenol and stayed in bed for THREE whole days. I had to cancel dinner club and another couple's invitation to dinner Saturday due to the pain. But Sunday morning? I woke up completely pain free! My left eye was totally blurry, but so what? I had no pain!! So, Mark suggested that we go have brunch at a nice restaurant in Chapel Hill called the Weathervane. It was lots of fun! And afterwards we stopped in four or five houses on the Raleigh Parade of Homes. You pick up all kinds of ideas from that place! Then to make it even better our neighbors who we couldn't eat with Saturday night came over and invited us to dinner that night. What fun!!!

I'll update our house progress soon!!


Lisanne said...

I would love to have that type of procedure done and never have to worry about glasses or contact lenses again, but I am SUCH a chicken when it comes to procedures like that. I would probably pass out or have a severe panic attack or something. It scares me. I'm SO glad that you're feeling better now!!!

Joymes said...

So you are still alive :)