Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy 33rd Birthday, Mark!

Saturday was Mark's birthday. He got a DeWalt compound miter saw. So he can now make lots of crown moulding for the house now. Yay! Also, he got a caramel turtle pie instead of a cake, because he likes it so much. We did lots of yard work Saturday afternoon, then went out for dinner and then came home and watched a movie we had gotten. And of course, enjoyed some of that turtle pie.

Please ignore the ongoing kitchen renovation in the background. I'm beginning to think it will never get done.


Johnna said...

Nice saw! Funny, I remember when you used to wish you could do home reno projects, and now you are all the time! Is it as fun as you hoped? Can't wait to see more pics.

Shannon said...

ohhh nice saw... drool