Sunday, November 16, 2008

Living Room Phase I

We painted the wall a "Sandstone Cliff" and also put up some double lined silk drapes that are supposed to pool on the floor more than they do. But I got them 120 inches long and really should have gone longer. They're a gol and neutral/cream color. Notice above the window there was such a huge blank space, so Mark build some "picture frames" for the wall. We saw them in a lot of French decorating books, so I suppose this is going to end up being a very "French" themed room. We'll put more of the picture frame boxes above the other window and also the fireplace. It's just taking a while to get everything done here! But we really love doing home improvement projects.
Last night we went to one of Mark's firm get togethers. They rented out the Museum of Natural History and we went to see the Dead Sea Scrolls. I had no idea what it was and had to google it before we went there. It was quite fascinating to see actual copies of Genesis and Exodus. They said it would take about an hour and a half to go through, but we did it in 35 minutes! They had food afterwards, but we skipped out and went to this really nice French restaurant that one of the other attorneys Mark works with had recommended. We hadn't planned to go there, but when we went in we figured since we didn't have a reservation we wouldn't be seated, but they had one table left for us!! Yay! It was absolutely delish! Mark had a prix fix four course dinner with the best fillet he had EVER eaten. I had a artichoke, pesto, ricotta tart with wild mushrooms and watercress salad. It was sooooo good. Even Mark liked it too. We headed home after that. So full we could hardly sleep.


Anonymous said...

well you could always lower the curtin rod a little to get it to pool some more on the floor.... but it looks great...

Jessica said...

I like it! I also love the sound of your night out! I want to go out like that!!!